How to Refinance Your Mortgage

How to Refinance Your Mortgage

Considering refinancing your mortgage to take advantage of the lower rates? A mortgage refinance has the potential to save you thousands of dollars over the term of your mortgage. It’s also a great way to consolidate debt or access some equity in your home to use towards renovations or topping up your investments. Check if … Continued


Verico Economic Consultant

“At the risk of oversimplifying, on the night of September 16th, the annualized rate for borrowing was 2% but suddenly there were no lenders.  So the rate went up to 4% then 5% – still no institution was willing to lend even at those rates.  Ultimately, the rate went all the way to 10%.   … Continued

4 Ways That COVID-19 has Impacted the Real Estate Market

4 Ways That COVID-19 has Impacted the Real Estate Market

The spring months are typically when the real estate market flourishes most. Most people look to purchase or sell, and real estate agents work to prepare for this season. However this year, with the impact that COVID-19 has had on the real estate market, this is simply not the case.  Tightened Restrictions on Viewings and … Continued

Getting a Mortgage as a Couple vs. a Single Applicant

Getting a Mortgage as a Couple vs Single

You don’t have to be married to buy your first home. There may be advantages of purchasing a home with another, but those who are single can still qualify to buy their first home all on their own. Lenders look primarily at factors like your income, employment, and credit score to make their decision, not … Continued

Buying vs. Renting – Is One Better Than the Other?

Buying vs. Renting - Is One Better Than the Other?

Not sure whether you should buy a property or rent one? There are benefits to both options based on your current financial situation and lifestyle. If you need help weighing your options, here are some factors to consider. When Renting Is Better For most people, renting is their only option if they don’t have enough … Continued

How To Manage Your Mortgage Payment Through Financial Difficulty

Financial Difficulties

As we have seen, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has continued to evolve and things are changing at a rapid pace. We understand that you may be facing financial difficulties or have concerns about your mortgage payments as we move through this pandemic. When unforeseen financial circumstances impact your ability to make regular mortgage payments, it’s important … Continued