5 Ways You Might Benefit from a Second Mortgage


Are you looking for a way to pay down debt, tackle a renovation, or pay for your kids’ education without having to take out a high-interest loan? A second mortgage might be your answer. By using the asset you already own, you can access money to help with a whole range of financial needs. To … Continued

Should You Take Out a Second Mortgage?


A second mortgage is another loan that has second priority behind your first mortgage. And just like your original mortgage, it uses your home as collateral. While it can be beneficial in many situations, it can also be a risk if not considered appropriately.  Here we explore the advantages and risks you should consider and … Continued

Buying a Vacation Property


As Canadians, we know that there’s really no greater way to spend our spare time than up at the cottage. It’s one of our most cherished past times and a good old Canadian staple. If you’re keen on the idea of buying a cottage or vacation home for you and your family to enjoy, consider … Continued

Understanding Second Mortgages

Understanding Second Mortgages

People choose to take out a second mortgages for various reasons. It can give them the extra funds that they need to put towards other things, traditional banking may not be available for the amount they need, or it can be a great way to consolidate debt. However, it can be quite confusing to understand … Continued