The 5 Long-term Implications of Renting vs. Owning

The 5 Long term Implications of Renting vs. Owning

Trying to figure out if you should continue to rent or buy a home instead? We’ll show you what the long-term implications of renting vs. owning are so you can make a better-informed decision for your budget and lifestyle. Renting Isn’t Always Better For Your Budget Unless you can find a landlord who will keep … Continued

3 Ways to Relax and Focus on Family Time These Holidays

3 Ways to Relax and Focus on Family Time These Holidays

Taking on the task of holiday shopping, decorating, gift wrapping, finding recipes, preparing a feast for your family, and handling the flurry of activity in between can make the holidays feel like a stressful and chaotic blur. Getting overwhelmed with so much to do can really end up taking the fun out of the season, … Continued

To Relocate or Renovate?

tips to relocate or to renovate

You purchased your first home what seems like a lifetime ago. Maybe it was just you and your spouse at the time and the house seemed so spacious. But time has passed and now you have a few kids and a dog or two and suddenly the house is bursting at the seams! You ask … Continued

Finding Sources for Your Down Payment

Finding Sources for Your Down Payment

  If you’re eager to buy a home but don’t fit the credit criteria for borrowing for that down payment, then finding sources of equity could be your only option. Luckily, there are a variety of options for you to consider.   Sale from Another Property If you’ve been fortunate enough to sell another property, … Continued

How Much Home Can you Afford?

Buying a new home

It’s very exciting to go home shopping. Before you head out to start your search you should first sit down and really plan out your finances. Visit the Mortgage Advisors website for tools and resources to help calculate your household budget and how much you can borrow toward the purchase of a new home.   … Continued

Which Loans Can Affect Getting a Mortgage?

Getting a mortgage

Are you ready to make the commitment to buy a house? If so, one of the next steps is to qualify for a mortgage. Your credit history is vitally important to this process. Everyone has a credit score between 300 and 900 points. Individuals with higher scores carry lower risk, which means they’re eligible to … Continued

Understanding Mortgage Penalties

Getting a mortgage

There is nothing more frustrating than being trapped. We had a client come to us a few weeks ago, she was very excited as had some major projects she wanted to start with her home. She had been paying down her mortgage diligently for years and with rates being so low it was the perfect … Continued

Preparing to Buy Your First Home

Home buying

Buying your first home is an exciting life milestone. Whether you are planning to buy a cozy cottage-style home on your own, or looking to buy a modern family home with your new spouse, it’s important to start laying the financial groundwork early on. The Mortgage Advisors recommend keeping the following things in mind as … Continued

Why Should You Work With a Mortgage Broker?

why should you work with a mortgage

When you are shopping for a home mortgage, you can choose to go directly to a lending bank, or enlist the help of a professional mortgage broker. Here are some of the major advantages of working with a mortgage broker: Professional The entire team at The Mortgage Advisors is committed to the profession of mortgage … Continued

And The Winner Is…

mortgage advisors prize winner

Congratulations Sue Hackett – Enjoy your travels!  “What’s The Catch?” were the first words Sue said when we called to let her know that it was her name that was randomly drawn for signing up for the VIP club with The Mortgage Advisors and that she is the winner of the $1,500 travel voucher. The good … Continued