Bob Rodrigue

Agent Level 2


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Thank you for wantng to learn more about me, Bob Rodrigue. I am a Mortgage Agent with over 10 years experience in helping many with their mortgage needs. I am also a father to two boys and husband to an amazing wife. My family life is important, so we enjoy golfing and travelling together.
Mortgages can be complex and each is unique so my commitment is to provide a flexible and personalized process for your individual needs. From a seamless and convenient online applica0on through to funding of your new mortgage, you can trust that your interests will always be paramount. I work outside the bank’s rigid hours to beLer suit your schedule.
Whether you are purchasing your first home or you are a seasoned buyer, I can help ensure a hassle-free process. Purchases, refinances, renewals, consolidate debt, bruised credit or private lending, I can help. Military and posted? I can aid with your purchase at your new base too! I look forward to the opportunity to assist you.