CMHC 2022 Housing Market Outlook Report – Key Highlights

We expect the growth in prices, sales levels, and housing starts to moderate from recent highs, but remain elevated in 2022. Robust GDP growth, higher employment and net migration will support demand. In 2023 and 2024, the growth in prices will moderate with sales and starts activity remaining above long-run averages. Homeownership affordability will decline, … Continued

5 Tips For Discovering Your New Neighbourhood

Moving to a new place involves lots of changes, and it can take time to get used to your new surroundings, including new people, shops, parks and more. But living somewhere new is also an opportunity to explore and build community with your neighbours and in local spaces. Here are some tips to discover your … Continued

CMHC Residential Mortgage Industry Quarterly Report

CMHC just released its quarterly dashboard for the Residential Mortgage Industry Quarterly Report. This report helps fill housing market data gaps by providing the latest trends and data in the mortgage industry. Key highlights from the winter 2022 dashboard include: More Canadians have taken on new mortgages (both for property purchases and refinancing) which led … Continued

How to Navigate Your Finances with Confidence

Man On Computer Looking at Finances

The hot housing market, rising inflation, the ongoing pandemic, and an increasingly complex and digital financial marketplace can sometimes make money decisions feel overwhelming. You may be surprised to learn that just feeling more confident can actually help you make better choices. Here are some simple, practical things you can do to boost your financial … Continued

January 2022 News Letter

Simple steps to help you take control of debt                   (NC) For many people, debt is a fact of life— a situation the COVID-19 pandemic has made worse for some Canadians. According to a COVID-19 financial well-being survey conducted by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, over … Continued