Military Relocation Mortgages

The Mortgage Advisors offer flexible mortgages designed to support those currently or formerly serving in the military, those with Canadian government appointments, and those holding DND jobs.


We understand the unique circumstances of those who currently are serving or have previously served our country, and we are here to guide eligible military members through the process whether it is for a pre-approval for your first house hunting trip, using your benefits to reduce interest rates, or ensuring transferability is not an issue for mortgage penalties.

We understand that you and your family may receive notice to move with very little notice. Helping you quickly through the preapproval process you can shop with confidence on your house hunting trip regardless of where in the country you are moving to. Pre-approval can protect your interest rate for up to 120 days as well as help speed up the application process, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free, smooth closing.

With access to several different lenders offering military benefits and specials, we can present you with the best options available.

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