David Van Noppen

Agent Level 2


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David van Noppen is a Level 2 licensed mortgage agent, financial coach, podcast co-host of “Let’s Talk Money with Dave and Reb”, and father of five living and working in the Ottawa area. He is owner of More Than Enough Financial Fitness, and is passionate to see people live with financial hope and freedom whether it is in their mortgage experience, cash flow management, debt repayment, or saving for the future. David brings his coaching experience into his mortgage discussions, helping people navigate economic uncertainty, answering financial questions related to mortgages, budgets, and dreams and goals. He loves to kite surf, take time in his 25-acre bush to chop wood, and spend time with family and friends. David’s journey in the financial industry started in 2008, when he became one of the co-creators of the More Than Enough Financial Fitness coaching program. After 20 years of working, managing and running his family automotive business, this system became an outflow of those years of experience, alongside a newly ignited passion to see people set free from the burden of debt. After helping families pay off over four million dollars of debt over four years, he was contracted by the Canadian National Christian Foundation to develop the Freedom Initiative, a national debt relief coaching program staffed by local churches to bring financial freedom to their communities. He returned to More Than Enough in 2013 as a mortgage agent and coach, and now as owner, continues to lead the business in coaching, mortgages, tax planning, and equipping and training. He has been a recipient of the Verico mortgage awards and currently is part of the Chairman’s Club. He loves being a part of the mortgage family at The Mortgage Advisors.