I’m Lindsey – a Mom, Military Spouse, Military Mom and Mortgage Agent! Life as military spouse has its challenges, one of the biggest being portability of your career – and my profession as a Mortgage Agent allows for flexibility in all things. Partnered with Erica Vincelli we are the best of our strengths combined for a client experience like no other. We work hard to build flexibility for life’s challenges into every file and bring our past careers and experience together with a focus on communication and problem solving, and a couple of special niche markets with Military families and real estate investing being both professional and personal to our team. With almost 20 years of combined experience in this industry, we bring award winning expertise to every file, and couple it with compassion and empathy for your needs and challenges as well as future plans and desires. You aren’t a number – you’re a person with goals and dreams and that matters. In my down time I like to be diversified – my husband being military is a fitness guru, and I spend most evenings at the gym wishing it was as easy as he makes it look, and then heading home to enjoy time as a family cooking the evening meal and convincing our Dobermans Jim and Sam that no… you really don’t like what I’m making – no honestly you don’t, but of course they never take my word for it! We also travel – having dogs and a large family (of 6!) means hotels and airplanes are very costly so we chose another way and have had many adventures along the Eastern half of the continent with our RV over the years instead, with many more to come. Most of the kids are now off on their own adventures, and we still have our own – with less kids but the same amount of dogs – still very much enjoying experiencing the different smells and sounds, foods and temperatures, geography and climates our wheels can show us. We also believe that the Community we live in is only as strong as the people in it, and we do our part to support the causes that speak to us. I work volunteering and supporting local cancer research in memory of my Grandmother Phyllis – who passed when I was just 13 from cancer, while my husband and I both work extensively with the Minor Hockey Program in Renfrew County on the Refereeing side of the house. I know, I know… BOOOOO! But seriously, fair play isn’t just a couple of words – it’s a choice and a lifestyle that Erica and I bring to every file. We both work remotely, and love it, because it’s best for us, our families and working environment. We bring that same remote resource to every file, and work hard to help our clients have the lifestyles they both need and want. We look forward to you being our next client!