Nancy Blakely

Agent Level 2


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Nancy Blakely is a creative forward thinker.  A dreamer in some respects. This allows her to feel and empathize with almost everyone. Nancy has many varied life experiences which enable her to connect with her clients.  Nancy listens carefully to their goals, and utilizes her extensive experience and education in both Real Estate and Finance to put a plan in place for them.

Nancy has experience managing the Mortgage and Real Estate Division of a large insurance company, Real Estate Analyst for a Crown Corporation, entrepreneur, elected official, stay at home mom, and last but not least, as a grandmother!  She has her Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Administrative Studies from York University, Economic Development certificate from U of Waterloo, AMCTO Accounting and Finance certification, residential and commercial appraisal courses from UBC, and her Mortgage License.

Helping people with mortgage financing while working from her home is Nancy’s dream job!  She loves talking to people, learning of their dreams and aspirations as well as their dilemmas, and then helping them to achieve their financial goals!

Nancy will work endlessly in an effort to find your best mortgage option!  She is quoted saying, “Truly, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you have helped others!”