Nick Holloway

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Nick Holloway has over 25 years’ financial services experience with a variety of roles including corporate banking, derivative trading, and hedge fund administration. Since arriving in Canada from the UK in 2014, Nick has been very involved personally with investing in real estate. Coupled with his extensive financial background, he has combined these experiences to becoming an expert in mortgage lending so he can assist others with realising their real estate goals.
His education includes a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business from Birkbeck, University of London (UK) and Mortgage Agent Programme from Seneca College. Nick takes a keen interest in understanding financial markets and studying emerging economic trends to assist in serving his clients. He believes that the basis of a solid financial plan begins with a complete understanding of all the mortgage options available; and enjoys offering a strategic and tailored approach that assists his clients with finding a mortgage strategy which best suits their needs over the medium and long run.
Nick lives in Ottawa with his wife and four young children. He enjoys cycling, skiing and spending time with family and friends in Canada as well as back in his hometown, Cambridge (UK).