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4 Ways to Decide if a Neighbourhood is Right for You

calendarJuly 9, 2018

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Where you live can really impact your level of happiness, which is why selecting the right neighbourhood is just as important as picking the right home to live in. So take some time to really hone in on what it is that you want and need in a neighbourhood. Things like safety, schools, nearby amenities, commute time from your work, green space, and affordability are all relevant points to focus on, including any other factors that are a priority for you. To help guide you in finding the best location, here are a few ways to decide if a neighbourhood is right for you.

Figure Out Your Priorities

Of course, the most important step is to know what it is that you’re looking for. You wouldn’t begin your house hunt without having an idea of your house needs —like size, number of bedrooms, backyard or not, and so on. So you shouldn’t jump into this without nailing down your neighbourhood needs either. Spend a little time determining what features matter most to you. Maybe it’s a quiet area with less traffic, or close to trees and parks, or an active area with trendy bars and cafes just around the corner.

Take a Drive

You can read and research about different areas to get a glimpse of what they’re like. But taking a drive around will give you a more realistic perspective of what’s in an around each location that you’re interested in. Just make sure that you bring along a friend or your partner to keep an eye out while you keep your eyes on the road.

Take a Walk

While you’re out driving around, park the car, and get out to explore the area by foot. There’s really no better way to get a feel for an area and decide if the neighbourhood is right for you than by exploring the streets, checking out the local amenities, and even trying out some of the local spots to see if it jives with your lifestyle.

Ask Residents

If you’re not afraid of a little conversation, why not strike one up with some local residents while you’re sipping on your latte or meandering through the area? You’d be surprised at how much insight and information you’ll get. This is one of the best ways to get an honest and detailed idea of what you can expect when living there.

When you’re looking for ways to decide if a neighbourhood is right for you, make sure to get out and do some footwork. And whether you drive, walk, cycle, or chat with local residents, exploring the areas on your potential list is the best way to find the right location for you.

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