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5 Ways to Get Festive Around Your Home

calendarDecember 5, 2019

peopleThe Mortgage Advisors

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Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years are fast approaching. Is your home ready for the holidays? Find out here what you need to do to get your home ready for the weather and your guests.

Start with a Little Repair and Maintenance

The last thing you want to happen over the holidays is for the furnace to conk out or the roof to start leaking. To avoid ruining your Christmas or New Years’ celebrations, it’s best to give your home a thorough inspection before the holidays even start. This should involve checking your roof for any issues, inspecting your foundation for cracks and damage, examining your HVAC system to ensure it’s in good working condition, and arranging for a fireplace and chimney inspection. Doing a little repair and maintenance work on small issues now will ensure that they don’t turn into bigger ones smack dab in the middle of winter.

Prepare for Houseguests

If you plan to do any hosting this season, now’s the time to get your home ready for your guests. Focus on decorating the main areas that your guests will see like the front porch, entranceway, and living room. And don’t forget to have your extra guest room ready in case they overindulge in the holiday punch and need to stay over.

Get the Fireplace Ready

After you’ve had your chimney cleaned and inspected, it’s time to build a cozy fireplace area where you can relax or host guests. Adding decorations to the mantel can also add to the festive look. Just don’t forget to stock up on the wood – you’ll need plenty of dry logs to create a warm fire throughout the season.

Set Up the Lights Outside

When adding any strings of lights to the roof, use clips (not staples) to avoid damaging the shingles or causing water leaks. Also, always check the strings for any faulty bulbs or exposed wires as these could lead to a fire if they’re not replaced. Don’t forget to use an outdoor extension cord and power outlet that are both waterproof and grounded.

Keep the Salt and Shovel on Hand

You should always be prepared for any unexpected snowfalls or ice storms around the holidays. Keep the salt and shovel ready to clear your pathways and ensure they’re safe to walk on. Something else you should consider over the holidays is your 2020 property goals. If your mortgage is coming up for renewal this year or you would like to take out some equity to fund a new renovation project, now’s the time. Contact us at the Mortgage Advisors to set up an appointment to review your current commitment to see what needs changing in the New Year.
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