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5 Ways to Make Your New Home Holiday-Ready

calendarNovember 15, 2019

peopleThe Mortgage Advisors

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Planning to buy your dream home right before or during the holidays? Here are 5 ways to make your new home “holiday-ready” so it can feel cozy and inviting as soon as you move in!

Set Up the Fireplace

A warm crackling fire can quickly put you in the holiday mood and make your new home feel cozier. Just be sure that you have the chimney checked by a certified professional to ensure that it’s safe to use before lighting any fires. Even if your home doesn’t have a real log fireplace, you can always purchase an electric one online and fix it to a wall in your living room or master bedroom.

Decorate for Houseguests

Greet your guests with some thoughtful holiday decorations in the areas they’ll see – porch, entranceway, living room, and kitchen. Think fresh and fragrant wreaths and bows, shimmery decorations, and twinkling lights. Limited on space? Portable accent tables are the perfect spot to showcase decorative candles, ornaments, holly, and other classic holiday décor. If any of your houseguests will be staying a night or two over the holidays, don’t forget to add some special touches in the guestrooms as well. Warm, fuzzy blankets, seasonal pillow cushions, and some holiday décor on the dresser will make them feel right at home.

Make Sure It’s Slip Proof

Winter weather can make all your outdoor surfaces icy and slippery. The last thing you want to endure around the holidays is a slip and fall injury, so be sure to make sure the exterior surface and entranceway are safe. Anti-slip strips can be applied directly to the surface of your patio and stairs to prevent accidents. For the inside of your home, add a thick non-slip pad or mat in the entranceway to prevent slippery snow and water from being carried throughout your home.

Set the Timers

Your first holiday season in your new home shouldn’t put a dent in your budget. To avoid sky-high electricity bills, run all your lights through a timer. That way you don’t have to worry if you forget to turn them off or even on for that matter.

Child and Pet Proof the Home

The Christmas tree, glass decorations, and holiday lights can quickly turn into safety hazards when you have kids and pets around. To make your new home safe, take additional steps to keep these items out of reach from little paws or hands. Looking to buy a new home during the holidays? We’ll help you find the best deal on a turnkey home. Our team at The Mortgage Advisors is ready to show you all the best rates from Canada’s leading lenders. Contact us today.
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