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Disgruntled About Your Mortgage – Remember, It’s An Investment

calendarMarch 9, 2018

peopleThe Mortgage Advisors

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As a homeowner, there will likely be some days where you feel overwhelmed by your mortgage. It’s not uncommon to look in the bank and see a large amount of money owing and feel disgruntled about your mortgage. But you should never look at it as debt that you owe to someone else. It should be seen as an investment. Here’s why!

Leveraging For Value

Being leveraged makes sense because it’s highly likely the property will increase in value over the time you are paying down your mortgage. And if the home becomes worth more than what you put down to buy it, you will make more money when you sell. Having a mortgage can help you to turn a big profit.


Money For Other Necessities

With a mortgage, if you have enough equity saved up, you may have the potential to refinance and free up some needed cash. That means you can use some of your money towards new renovations or to build an income suite that could create more value in your home.

Payments Get Easier

When you’re feeling stressed about your mortgage payments, it can help to remind yourself that the payments will get easier. Over time, the payment becomes smaller relative to your overall income. If you’re on a fixed rate loan, your payment will never rise but your income likely will, making your payments a whole lot easier to afford.

Potential To Create More Wealth

A mortgage can allow you to create more wealth. For instance, let’s say that you only had enough money to afford the down payment and mortgage on a condo. If the condo gains value over time, it’s likely you will profit when you go to sell and will have more money to put towards a house. You now can purchase a property you may not have been able to afford when you first went to buy before your first mortgage.

Investing In Your Future

Those payments you are putting toward your mortgage are actually going towards building your future. You get peace of mind knowing your money is going into owning a home – an asset that is tangible and worthwhile.

Whenever you start to feel disgruntled about your mortgage, remember, it’s an investment! It’s something that will be building value for you and your family for many years to come. If you’re still feeling stressed or unhappy about your mortgage, it may be time to talk to a mortgage advisor who can help review your current mortgage and suggest better options for your lifestyle.  When you’re ready to talk mortgage options that are suited for you, contact us at The Mortgage Advisors.

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