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Entertain Like a Champ this Holiday Season

calendarDecember 12, 2018

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Want to host an epic holiday get together that everyone will remember for the right reasons? Playing host can often require a bit of strategic planning and performance when it comes to appeasing your guests and ensuring everyone has a good time. But you can easily entertain like a champ during this holiday season by remembering a few of the focal points that really matter for throwing an enjoyable party. Here are our top tips to consider this coming season!

Invite New People

Whether it’s a new friend from your yoga class or an old friend that you haven’t seen in a while, invite them along to your party! Adding a few new people to the mix is always a great way to keep the areas of interest diverse, mix up the conversation, and expand your network of friends.

Keep the Food Simple

The food is always an important part of hosting, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be an elaborate spread. Even having a potluck is still a great option if you’re limited on time for food prep. A potluck also allows your guests to add different dishes that appeal to their individual tastes and dietary restrictions. So don’t stress over the food! Keep it simple and don’t be afraid of suggesting a potluck. Most people want to contribute!

Be Considerate with Timing

The holiday season is always a busy time of year for everyone. So consider your timing and give your guests notice of your potential dates well in advance so they can mark it in their calendars. And it doesn’t hurt to send out a reminder a week or so in advance in case they forget.

Mix Up the Music

Just because it’s the holidays, it doesn't mean you need to stick with holiday-themed music. In fact, that can put a dull damper on your party vibe with so many mellow tunes. Instead, switch it up and select a playlist that’s fun, upbeat, and will encourage your guests to get dancing!

Make Your Clean-Up Easy

To save yourself the hassle of enduring a major clean up afterwards, have a designated garbage and recycling area set up before everyone arrives. Let your guests know where to place their empty bottles, along with their garbage so you won't be left with a big mess. Don’t forget to consider these tips to entertain like a pro this holiday season and leave a good lasting impression that’ll make your guests eager to attend next year!
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