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New logo, same mission: Meet The Mortgage Advisors’ new brand

calendarJuly 8, 2020

peopleThe Mortgage Advisors

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Today marks an exciting new day for The Mortgage Advisors. We are officially launching a new image for the company. While we’re excited to unveil our new logo and look, our brand embraces so much more, from our products and services, to how our team engages with our customers, to how our customers and partners feel when they talk about our company. We’ve made tremendous progress on all of these fronts over the past decade. From new agents and partnerships to expanded offices and locations, all with incredible volume growth; we continue to evolve. And it was time for our brand to evolve, too. One thing that hasn’t changed? Our core mission. We are relentlessly committed to offering the very best financing products and rates available for our clients’ unique needs through a variety of mortgage options with exemplary personalized service.  In creating our new brand, it is critical that the importance and pervasiveness of this mission come through with even more clarity.

What Does It All Mean?

As we set out to redesign our logo, it was imperative we match our visual identity with our overarching mission. Conveying this connection between identity and promise is the foundation for any successful brand. Here are the key ideas we have always wanted our brand to embody:
  • Customer Focus: Homeowners and buyers make up a majority of our client base. Our new brand needed to demonstrate we’re a trusted partner with our realtors, lawyers, lenders and referral partners, capable of delivering excellent service, communication and processing large financial transactions with ease.
  • Top Advisors: Since day one, we’ve been dedicated to hiring and training the best agents and leaders in the industry to provide our clients with the best possible solutions while creating an environment where everyone has the opportunity to succeed. With our new brand, we will continue to build on this culture of excellence. 
  • Rapid Growth and Scale: The Mortgage Advisors has grown significantly in the past decade since our previous brand was conceived. With our new brand, we wanted to illustrate the momentum we’ve established in the community and industry.
Same great company, same great service, and same great advice all with a new improved logo. We hope you are as excited as we are with our new look!
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