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Credit Score Mortgage Mortgage Brokers

A Guide to Understanding Credit Scores, Their Impact, and Importance in the Mortgage Process

The Mortgage Advisors | May 28, 2024

Credit can be a scary thing to discuss. The word “credit” can describe so much about your financial capabilities and outline your financial deficiencies. However, credit is not something you…


Attention Existing Homeowners! – Should I Renew, Refinance, or Transfer?

The Mortgage Advisors | February 1, 2024

As an existing homeowner, your mortgage renewal is a crucial moment that demands careful consideration. With changing economic landscapes, increased property values, and evolving interest rates, it’s essential to explore…

Mortgage Mortgage Rates

How to Deal with Increasing Mortgage Rates in Canada

The Mortgage Advisors | September 2, 2022

Have you been on the market for a new home, possibly even your first? If so, you’ve likely been looking into your local residential real estate market. As evidenced by…


Leave financial stress behind while you’re on vacation

The Mortgage Advisors | June 21, 2022

(NC) A vacation should be a time of rest and relaxation away from the hectic pace of work and daily life. But it can also become a time with a…


Housing Market Monitor: Home sales slumped as interest rates jumped in April

The Mortgage Advisors | June 14, 2022

On a seasonally adjusted basis, home sales decreased 12.6% from March to April, a second monthly decline in a row. Despite this pullback, the resale market remained very active on…


No Need to Panic: Bank Of Canada Increases the Overnight Rate

The Mortgage Advisors | June 1, 2022

The Bank of Canada Announced today June 1st, 2022 another .50% increase to the overnight rate, this was expected with inflation at such high levels. You may have noticed that…

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