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What Does Your Mortgage Agent Really Do?

calendarJanuary 2, 2016

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When it comes to buying a house, there seem to be so many moving pieces and so many people involved. There is the real estate agent for the buyer and the seller, the insurance company, the home inspector, the home evaluator, the lawyers, the lender, and sometimes a mortgage broker or a mortgage agent. All of these people are working tirelessly to put you and your family into your dream home, but you may ask yourself why are so many people involved and are they all necessary?

Find Custom-Tailored Mortgage Solutions

When it comes to a mortgage agent, it may not be immediately clear what their role is. It is entirely possible for you, as a buyer, to go into your home bank and request a mortgage directly. However in doing this you are limiting yourself to that one option provided to you by your bank. A mortgage agent will meet with you and discuss your future home purchasing plans, your goals and needs and help you choose from numerous options from different lenders. You will receive a personalized service that you will ensure you have as smooth ride through the home buying process.

Secure the Best Rate

A mortgage agent is also extremely beneficial to work with because they shop around for the best rates for you. They are not limited to one mortgage lender as your bank is. They have the ability to shop around and compare different offered rates and products to ensure that you receive the best mortgage, and one that is tailored to your needs. Whether that is ensuring you have the lowest available interest rate or if you need flexibility in your financing choices. They can leverage relationships and volume discounts to get the best rate and term possible for you. By using a mortgage agent you enlist them to do all of the legwork for you.

Get Expert Advice

With a mortgage agent, you will have the ear of someone who lives and breathes mortgages and will be able to answer any questions that you undoubtedly will have. There is an astonishing amount of paperwork involved in the purchase or sale of a house, and it can be quite a daunting process. Having someone who can guide you through and put your mind at ease is a comfort that is most welcome especially to first-time home buyers who are experiencing this process for the first time. Mortgage agents can also be quite helpful for buyers such as the self-employed, or those seeking non-traditional mortgage solutions such as reverse mortgages and spousal separation mortgages. Mortgage Agents are well connected and have a large network of those that may need to be involved in your transaction, from lawyers to appraisers, home inspectors and contractors, and they work hard to ensure everyone is on track to get your mortgage closed.

Although it may seem that there are so many hands on your file, everyone plays an important role. If you choose to work with a mortgage agent, you will be pleasantly surprised how simple the experience really can be. Once you take a lot of the guesswork out of the process by involving a mortgage advisor, you can be more focused on the joys of owning your own home!

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