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Why Work with a Mortgage Broker?

calendarSeptember 8, 2016

peopleThe Mortgage Advisors

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Some people have been dreaming about homeownership for a long time, while others fall into it without much thought or foresight. However you envision your home purchasing experience to be, you should arm yourself properly by working with a Mortgage Broker.


Custom-Tailored Mortgage Solutions

Each individual mortgage situation is different and therefore there is not one easy, cookie-cutter mortgage solution available to homebuyers. Working with a Mortgage Broker supplies you with the knowledge of a specialist who can advise you in accordance with your personal mortgage needs. Additionally, a Mortgage Broker can help with solutions outside of securing your initial mortgage, like renewal/refinancing strategies, home equity lines of credit (HELOC), second mortgages, reverse mortgages, buyouts following separation/divorce, and more.

Alternate Lending Options

Mortgages do not always come from major banks, trust companies, credit unions and monoline mortgage lenders – at times private or alternative lenders are involved. The regular average person does not have a rolodex of lenders to choose from, however a Mortgage Broker has a wide network of connections. If obtaining a mortgage through a different avenue than a bank is the best possibility for you, then a Mortgage Broker can help make the necessary connections.

Clarification and Guidance

Mortgages come with a multitude of paperwork, legalese, and mathematics that can be overwhelming to most people. A Mortgage Broker can provide clarity in areas of confusion making the process easier and less frustrating!

Long-Term Peace of Mind

A mortgage is something that you carry with you for what seems like a lifetime! If you choose to use a Mortgage Broker you can rest easy knowing that someone will always be available to you for questions that may arise at any point during your mortgage term. Attempting to contact your lender on your own may prove to be a hair-pulling experience. Trust in your Mortgage Broker to be available to answer any questions you may have without any hassle.

Explore and Understand Your Options

When you shop for a car you don’t typically buy the first one you test drive. Same can be said for choosing a mortgage solution. It’s important to look at all of the options available to you and ask questions about each option. Keep in mind this will be your mortgage for about the next 25 years, so you should be very familiar and comfortable with it. The best way to understand each option is to have a Mortgage Broker advise you. Comparing mortgage options with someone who intimately knows the mortgage world will ensure you’re getting the perfect mortgage tailored for you.

Mortgage Calculator

Another tool available to you through a Mortgage Broker is a mortgage calculator.

This calculator is an excellent tool you can use to help narrow down the amount you can logically spend on your home. An important part of the house-buying process is knowing what your budget is. A Mortgage Broker can review your financial situation and help you find a mortgage solution that matches your budget and aspirations in the short- and long-term alike.

With how complicated and important mortgages can be, having an expert on your team is the smart way to buy a home! Get in touch with The Mortgage Advisors to learn more about your mortgage solution options.

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