Lower your monthly payments, reduce interest costs and get out of debt faster, all while increasing your cash flow.

Are you getting the best deal on your interest rate? Do you need to access cash to pay off debt and credit cards?

Would you like to simplify your budget?

Refinancing your mortgage and consolidating your loans is a great way to simplify your budget, especially if you are carrying large monthly payments. Your Mortgage Advisor can show you how you can use the equity in your home as a low-cost way to borrow money that can be a better option than traditional loans or lines of credit.

Use the funds to pay off debt, help children through secondary school, renovate your home, buy a car, buy an investment property, or reinvest, and to take advantage of better interest rates when they drop below your current percentage.

Refinancing is an option that takes your current mortgage, whether mid-term (with a penalty) or at renewal (no penalty), and allows you to access equity to borrows additional money and creates a new term for the mortgage. Let us help you review your options.


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